Multi-Channel Caliper Pigging

The Multi-Channel Caliper Pig is a new research tool to measure the internal geometry of pipelines and was developed by PSI Pipeline Services International GmbH & Co. KG. It enables recordings of dents, ovalities, welding seams, changes of wall thickness and installations in longitudinal and circumferential direction. The Multi-Channel Caliper Pig can be propelled with air or water, even with the pipeline being under operation.

In the final report you receive all important and necessary information about the survey: Date and time, speed, welding seams, bends, installations, dents and ovalities, calibration, feature list, technical data of the Multi-Channel Caliper Pig, o’clock position of the features in the pipeline as well as the shape of the indication.

We gladly implement the process with air or water for you.
Find out more about Caliper Pigging and see a sample specification: download