Pressure Tests - Resistance and tightness test

To ensure the safety of pipelines for humans and environment, pressure tests with water, air and gas are carried out. These are primarily used for testing the tightness. By carrying out pressure tests with water, the tightness and also the resistance of a pipeline or a system are tested.

Our main focus lies on the execution of pressure tests with water. These are carried out according to DVGW 469 and VDTÜV 1051 in Germany. A particular form of this method is the so-called stress test, according to the specifications of the VDTÜV data sheet 1060. In all European countries we execute pressure tests according to country-specific norms. Company standards or special requirements of pipeline operators are also considered by us.

Our equipment is capable of handling a range of pipelines from 2" to 56". The prescribed rates of pressure increments are secured within the guidelines of the VdTÜV leaflets. We possess high pressure pig traps in all pipe sizes that are designed for specific operating pressures.

Also pressure tests with air and gas are part of our business activities. Our own high pressure compressors are available for air pressure tests up to 25 bar. For gas pressure tests we generally use nitrogen.