Procedure of cleaning of pipelines

Our services include mechanical and chemical-mechanical cleaning of pipelines.

For the implementation of these works we use different types of purpose-built pigs. Our equipment is completed by the use of oil separators, silencers and closed tank systems.

During the mechanical cleaning we use pigs which are specially adapted to the contaminated pipeline. Propelled by compressed air, water or the product the pigs clean the pipelines by rubbing or scraping. Moreover, they can be equipped with different tools. This allows an efficient removal of deposit.

The process of several consecutive cleaning pigs with chemical cleaners between the pigs is called chemical-mechanical cleaning batch. The individual pigs and chemical cleaners are used to dissolve and remove the disposal. For this process only small quantities of debris respectively chemical cleaners must be disposed. Clean water is used between the last two cleaning pigs, so that finally an analysis can be made. For particularly encrusted pipelines special carbide-tipped pig types can be used.

In chemical-mechanical cleaning we use e.g. biodegradable cleaning agents. This allows an environmentally friendly and safe working.