Integrated Management System (IMS) safety, health, environment, quality

The key components of our business objectives are to ensure the protection and health of all employees, to cope with environmental challenges and to ensure continuous quality. This comprehensive implementation is the focus of the management of PSI Pipeline Services International GmbH & Co. KG.

We do not only focus on technical progress but also on the conscious accomplishment of the staff. Our employees participate in extensive educational programs in order to act successfully in the interest of our and your safety, health and environmental requirements.

Our business processes are subject to a qualitative and critical self-evaluation. This allows us to take corrective or improving actions more quickly and effectively, if necessary.

PSI Pipeline Services International GmbH & Co. KG establishes a corporate Integrated Management System (IMS), which covers the aspects of safety, health, environment and quality management. In this process, internal and external audits are carried out to sustainably improve the implementation of the requirements – not only within the company but also with suppliers and subcontractors. Thus the steadily rising demands on the market can be efficiently fullfilled.