Lot 1 of the WAL pipeline completed ahead of schedule

WAL („Wilhelmshavener Anbindungsleitung“/Wilhelmshaven connection line)

The WAL („Wilhelmshavener Anbindungsleitung“/Wilhelmshaven connection line) is rightly called a high-speed project: It has been completed within just 10 month and will transport natural gas, which is deliverd as LNG at the first German LNG Terminal in Wilhelmshaven and there is transferred to a gaseous state, to the long-distance gas pipeline NETRA near the natural gas storage Etzel. At a length of 12.3 km PSI carried out pressure tests, caliper pigging and air drying. Thanks to the know how and the commitment of our staff as well as the use of the latest technology the works could even be completed ahead of schedule at 22nd November.

The good cooperation and coordination with the operator OGE and the specialists in pipeline and plant construction of MAX STREICHER had a significant impact on the success of the measures. The connection of the first German LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven with the storage Etzel to the German long distance gas net is therefore close to completion.

The annual capacity of the pipeline is 10 billions of cubic meters. Furthermore the pipeline is suitable for hydrogen and, in the long run, gives a supply guarantee with energy